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Does Your Channel Get Your Message?

How do you share your message throughout your channel and keep it consistent? BlueVolt is your answer.

BlueVolt's solution combines an award-winning product training platform with a robust sharing network of more than 5,000 manufacturers, distributors, buying groups, and associations. Inside the network, partners promote and share up-to-date product knowledge direct from the source.

Join the BlueVolt Network today and make your message heard by every sales rep who touches your product.

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The BlueVolt Platform

Stay a step ahead of the competition with powerful features for learner engagement, extending your reach and building your brand.
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The Sharing Network

Seamlessly transfer product knowledge direct from manufacturers through all distribution channels. 
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BlueVolt Solution

A complete package of solutions from Virtual Conferences, Product Portals, Compliance & Safety Centers, and Employee Training Programs. 
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Grow with BlueVolt and Find Where You Fit in the Network



Grow brand loyalty through product knowledge.
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Fuel your sales by training your associates to be product experts.
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Build customer trust with knowledgeable sales associates.
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Provide value to members through product training and fostering network relationships.
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Single point to manage your compliance and safety while providing continuing education to your skilled tradespeople. 
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Buying Groups

Expand partnerships and strengthen relationships by connecting members to global suppliers.
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News From BlueVolt

winter_release_2020_banner_1Check Out the Newest
Features on the Platform!

Embedded analytics is only one of several cutting edge features on the BlueVolt platform to help boost your business performance. Find out more here >