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Sharing Center

Share your courses to drive growth. The BlueVolt Sharing Center enables seamless access and sharing to BlueVolt’s vast network of customers. Rest easy as you will have complete control from updating content to analyzing usage. Learn More >

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Business Intelligence

A full suite of insight and scorecard tools guide better business decisions. Embedded dashboards answer your most important questions by tracking metrics that matter most. Dynamic and simple to understand, dashboards are a true picture of learning right at your fingertips.
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Overcome the forgetting curve.
The Problem:
Research shows that learners will have forgotten 75% of the information a day after it was presented and most of that occurs within the first hour. The Solution: Forgetting is natural but the good news is that it is not also random. Overcome the Forgetting Curve with KnowledgeBumps™—brief reminders re-engage the learner and convince them to recall information, they are very likely to remember it for a long period of time.
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Course Library

BlueVolt's extensive library offers varied courses to advance professional development, productivity, compliance and safety. See how our comprehensive catalog of 20,000 courses from the world’s top publishers can develop your global and diverse workforce in a personalized demo.
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Virtual Conferences

BlueVolt Virtual Conference empowers you to deliver the impact of an in-person event—virtually. Combine live sessions, panels and demos with your University content such as trainings, videos and surveys to create a memorable and informative experience.
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Incentivized Learning

Motivate your learners with rewards such as $BlueBucks and promo codes. Provide the tangible and flexible incentives learners prefer—even over cash. Rewards in your courses motivate individuals to learn more about your products and engage with your content.
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BlueVolt is More than Just
a Training Platform

The BlueVolt Solution is not just about training; it’s a flexible solution for channel-oriented companies, especially those in skilled trades. Our platform is an easy­-to-­access and easy-­to-­use online training tool for users and administrators.

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QR Codes for Immediate Access

BlueVolt QR Codes, or Quick Response Codes,  give you the capability to connect users quickly to your Courses and Training Tracks while programmatically assigning them to the right Groups. Users simply use their smartphone cameras to take a picture and voila, instant access to your company.

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Bring Systems Together
with Rest API

The API features allow you to seamlessly share information between your BlueVolt Training Platform and your systems: Salesforce®, Single Sign-On/SAML, Eclipse, PayPal, Google, etc...

Integrate all the great tools in your toolbox. For more information about our REST-Based API, contact us.

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Training Tracks

For competency building and customized learning, tracks can be built to suit the needs of different groups or individual learners.

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Global Audience

The BlueVolt platform can be localized to 100+ different languages. Distribute your content internationally with confidence as administrators and learners experience our intuitive interfaces in their native language.

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ADA Accessible

For individuals with disabilities, the internet is anything but equal. The vast majority of online platforms are not created with accessibility and these individuals in mind. BlueVolt strives for everyone to enjoy the benefits of technology so we follow ADA guideline to ensure equal access and usability.