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Training & Grow Sales

The BlueVolt Supplier Course Program connects your brand with distributors, reps, and pros eager to learn about your products! 



Let BlueVolt Amplify Your Brand to a Targeted Global Network

left_arrowExtend your reach by putting your product info into a global network of distributors, pros, and retailers 

left_arrowGot-to-market faster by offering direct access to your product training

left_arrowPeople who know more sell more, so use training to empower your sales partners throughout the supply chain

Salesperson and customer

Share Content in the BlueVolt Network & Watch Sales Grow


Reach Your Channel

Leverage the BlueVolt network to train thousands of sales reps & pros from one online location. 



Keep your go-to-market messaging strong by sharing training info for every product launch. 


Expand Your Audience

Manufacturers— get exclusive access to the distributors who can help you reach new markets.



People sell what they know, and offering product training helps sales reps know more about your brand.

It's Easy to Make Product Training in 4 Simple Steps




Transform Marketing into Training

Build Training with What You Have

Step 1: Gather 2-5 marketing collaterals on a topic

Step 2: Set up a meeting with a BlueVolt rep

Step 3: Work with the rep to build your training

Step 4: Share your training with partners in BlueVolt

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Get Your Training to Your Partners Faster than Ever with BlueVolt's White Glove Service





We Set Up Your Account

Hassel-Free Implementation

Schedule a meeting with a BlueVolt representative who will set up your account and upload your product training materials for you. No stress. No contracts. Just great customer service.

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