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The BlueVolt Supplier Program is an entry-level platform that puts your brand in front of distributors eager to sell your products! 



A 5K+ Network of Sellers Ready to Learn about Your Brand

left_arrowPeople Sell What They Know, so Let Distributors Know about Your Brand

left_arrowLevel the Channel Marketing Playing Field by Sharing Product Training with Thousands

left_arrowBolster Brand Awareness by Training Your Channel and Getting Them Ready to Sell


Publish in the BlueVolt Network and Watch Your Sales Grow


Reach Your Channel

Leverage the BlueVolt network to train hundreds of distributor sales reps from one online location. 



Keep your go-to-market sales messaging strong by uploading courses for every product launch and feature. 


Expand Your Audience

Suppliers — get exclusive access to the distributors who can help you reach brand new markets.



People sell what they know, and uploading courses helps sales reps know way more about your brand.

The BlueVolt Supplier Program in 3 Easy Steps

• • • No-Commitment, No Contract* • • •




1 • Register 

Share Your Brand With Your Channel

Gain access to your Channels sharing your brand, your content, and your message with your customers in the Sharing Network from the Supplier University. 

* $3,200 One-time Registration Fee.
Partner Discounts Available. Terms and Conditions apply.

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2 • Upload Your Product Training

Influence Your Customers 

Use pre-existing marketing collateral or product training to design and upload courses. Need help? Our Creative Services Team can offer support.

* $1,000 Price Per Course Upload Fee. 
Partner Discounts Available. Terms and Conditions apply.

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3 • Share Courses

Prepare Reps to Sell Your Product

Now the entire BlueVolt network can access your materials. Promote your courses and watch enrollment numbers go up! More course completions equal better product sales.

* Prepay the Enrollment or Lead Fee for better prices.
Partner Discounts Available. Terms and Conditions apply.

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