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Connect to the Biggest Industry Leaders

Your Suppliers Are Here — Shouldn’t You Be?


Beat the Competition | Give members access to product training directly from suppliers in the vast BlueVolt network.

Learn More, Sell More | See how your members' annual sales grow as they complete more product training courses.

Grow Your Partner List | BlueVolt gives you the tools to target well-matched partners for your buying group and your members.



Powerful Results

Watch revenue grow as members complete product training
on the platform.



Powerful Results

Watch your revenue grow as teams
complete product training
on the platform.


It All Happens Inside the BlueVolt Sharing Center —
Get Ready to Launch, Learn & Sell

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Product Trainings


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Access Features Designed to Boost Your Success!

Business Intelligence

Comprehensive analytics dashboards let you make data-driven decisions about training and strategies.

Incentive Programs

Members earn when they learn through the $BlueBucks incentive program.

Virtual Conferences

Build engagement for an information-rich event. Use event recordings for long-lasting thought leadership.

Global Readiness

Multi-language support improves your ability to offer content in more than 25 languages.


Our flexible API supports integrations and simplifies connectivity between devices, applications, and your data.

Blended Learning

Online courses, ILT, and virtual conferences merge into a unified training and marketing platform.

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Smarter Supplier and Member Engagement!

Drive engagement and increase sales. Let BlueVolt help you succeed.



“Last year we were up about 150% in new users, which
goes right to our marketing teams and sales teams.”

Jill Cherveny
Manager, Technical Training and Development in Distribution, Leviton


"The willingness to evolve together
has created our opportunities together."

Rob Moe
President and CEO