Better Training,
Bigger Sales

Develop unmatched sales professionals through up-to-the-minute training direct from your line card suppliers. 



Accelerate Training & Sales Enablement Simultaneously with BlueVolt

left_arrowGain round-the-clock access to the latest product details directly from your suppliers

left_arrowGet cutting-edge training in bite-size chunks to enhance product knowledge retention

left_arrowReduce turnover with better online training tools on the #1 easiest-to-use platform

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Develop Sales Reps with Quick & Convenient Training

BlueVolt’s Channel Learning Solution Reinvents Product Training for a Modern Workforce


Just-in-time Product Knowledge | Suppliers use the BlueVolt Sharing Center to give sales teams immediate access to product info. 

Micro-learning for Busy Learners | Train reps faster and boost retention with shorter courses designed for working adults. 


Leverage Online Supplier Training to Decrease Turnover 

Get Up-to-Date Training that Keeps Employees Engaged from the BlueVolt Sharing Network


Link Your Line Card | With direct access to your immediate suppliers' product knowledge, your distributor marketing plan just got easier!

Grow Your Reps | Statistics show that sales reps fail when they’re not trained, so lower your turnover by increasing their access to high-quality product training.


Only BlueVolt Provides Channel Enablement through an
Award-Winning LMS Connected to a Vast Partner Network

Connect with the Source

Get Ready to Expand Your Channels

Use the BlueVolt Sharing Center as your power tool to connect with partners and form new supplier relationships.

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Watch Sales Grow

Reps with Accurate Knowledge
Grow Sales Faster

Monitor training enrollments, completions, and more through the analytics dashboards to gain real-time control over your channel learning strategy.

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The BlueVolt Platform Incorporates High-End Tools to Invigorate Sales Training Programs

Business Intelligence

Comprehensive analytics dashboards let you make data-driven decisions about training and strategies.

Incentive Programs

Members earn when they learn through the $BlueBucks incentive program.

Virtual Conferences

Build engagement for an information-rich event. Use event recordings for long-lasting thought leadership.

Global Readiness

Multi-language support improves your ability to offer content in more than 25 languages.


Our flexible API supports integrations and simplifies connectivity between devices, applications, and your data.

Blended Learning

Online courses, ILT, and virtual conferences merge into a unified training and marketing platform.



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 Get the Training You Need from the Line Card
Partners You Trust by Joining the BlueVolt Network Today



“We’ve been able to enroll all 900+ employees in just a matter of a few months with customized curriculums and onboarding training tracks."

Matt Battaglia
Turtle & Hughes


"To be able to fully brand our training as F. W. Web training to our customers is something that we’re really excited about. It feels really great.”

Samantha Kowalski
F. W. Webb Company