Share And Distribute Courses to Exactly the Right Audience

Sharing Center provides a frictionless way to share courses across BlueVolt's extensive network. It allows course publishers to deliver their message to the right audience at the right time, building brand affinity with speed and agility.

Sharing Center makes it easy for a manufacturer to train and motivate their channels. Subscribers; including distributors, associations, and contractors; who need access to training can use Sharing Center to find and get to the courses they need to become experts on the products and solutions they sell and support. It speeds them along the path to expanding career potential and proficiency.


It's coming this Summer 2020 so book your demo today!


Share courses and nurture relationships from right inside the platform.

It is now easy to harness the power of content sharing. On both sides of a relationship, Sharing Center speeds the process of simultaneously building both skill and revenue through brand exposure.

Tools and workflow aides are built right into the platform. Within minutes, a manufacturer can share content with the BlueVolt network of distributors and associations. Those “subscribers” can access it just as fast. Finding and sharing content takes just a few clicks.

These few clicks empower distributors and trade associations to build and manage sharing relationships directly with their suppliers. Seamlessly add courses to your catalog by just requesting them. Because relationships are the key to business success up and down the supply chain, it is important to have the power to strengthen them without ever leaving your learning platform. Now you can.


Some training isn’t meant for general consumption - Sharing Center lets you decide.

At BlueVolt, we’re proud of the network we’ve built over the past 2 decades. Now, we’ve innovated again by creating both “open” and “closed” networks. Our “Open Network” lets anyone enjoy the power of easy to find, easy to request, and easy to access training to build their competency and expertise.

For those who need to be more guarded with respect to who and how they share courses, there is also a “Closed Network”. This allows a Publisher to create a private relationship with a Subscriber without their courses going into the open catalog. No one will see the course or even know that it exists except the audience that you designate. The content owner controls access.

Let’s shake on it, then just go get your course

Sharing comes down to trust. Allowing automatic approvals speeds the process even more. If a manufacturer and a distributor have a trusted relationship and know they will always want to share courses, they can create a pre-established enduring relationship. This is called a “Handshake”.

Using a handshake, a supplier and a distributor can create an agreement permitting them to skip the approval process. This means very rapid sharing – high-speed learning – and no approval lag.

The Wizard of BlueVolt

BlueVolt will have much more to share as the release date approaches. For now, let’s close with a note on ease of use. Sharing Center includes a simple 3-step wizard for sharing management. You’ll see it in the video but here’s all you need to know:

Step 1: Choose a course.

Step 2: Decide who to share it with.

Step 3: Review it, check it, share it.

It doesn’t get easier than that!

Everyone who attended our recent virtual users' conference is awfully excited. Watch the video and we know that you’ll be too.


It's coming this Summer 2020 so book your demo today!

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