Remembering is Easier than ever.

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In our last post we introduced KnowledgeBumpstm  a new BlueVolt featured that builds on repeated reinforcement to help people remember what they learn. Here is a tutorial video showing how easy this is to do. Check it out.


How Quickly We Forget 

As a reminder, here's why you should care about this important innovation. Within a day of completing a course most people will only remember about 30% of what they learned. References back to the course material jog their memory and they retain most learning just by association. Hermann Ebbinghaus showed, long ago that:

    • After just one day we forget nearly 70% of newly learned information
    • Without a memory aide we eventually retain less than 25

KnowledgeBumps™ ensure that doesn't happen. We explained why in detail last time. Now, invest just 3 minutes to watch the video above and you'll see that it's as easy to implement as it is powerful.


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