Use KnowledgeBumps™ to Align Training with Your Brand

Do your training courses make that memorable connection between objectives and branded content, or does the message get lost?

Aligning branded content and activities with a company's training objectives is a key focus for the BlueVolt Creative Services team.
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Check out how the Creative Services team constructed this InSinkErator course:
  • Course Design: Show learners the food safety risks associated with improper hand washing.
  • Follow-up interactive knowledge check: Test the learner's memory about the recommended water temperature.
  • Reasoning: This is an example of using a reinforcement mechanism we call KnowledgeBumps™. We use them to verify the learner's knowledge after the course. KnowledgeBumps™ can seamlessly check for memory retention while integrating InSinkErator's branded content.
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*This blog was originally published by BlueVolt in May 2021. It has been updated and additional resources added.

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