Part Two of Our Q&A with Jay McBain is Here!


In May, BlueVolt hosted the LEAP Ahead 2021 virtual conference where professionals shared thought leadership discussions about industry trends, success stories, and challenges. A highlight of the event included a keynote presentation by the Principal Analyst for Global Channels at Forrester Research, Jay McBain (JM), who talked about building stronger and healthier partner relationships with the next generation ecosystem learning and readiness strategy.

McBain has provided additional Q&A based on his speech from LEAPDidn't see the session? No problem! We've included a shortened clip below to get you up to speed on these topics.



Q: Can you discuss how super connectors are the community gatekeepers to prospects? How can they specifically impact a company’s Channel Learning & Readiness (CLR) strategy, and why should companies be paying attention?



JM: B2B channel and marketing leaders are struggling to find ways to expand recruitment across many new partner types without making significant investments. Super connectors provide a gateway to diverse partner ecosystems and play a key role in guiding vendors to maximize their visibility and influence in front of these new channels.


A solid CLR strategy can help B2B marketing leaders leverage super connectors and diverse channel communities for access to and influence over new verticals, buyers, segments, solutions, and geographies.


Building an ideal partner profile (IPP) and mapping channel communities can take significant work. Super connectors can help you connect the dots between the two. These individuals have unique skills around knowledge-gathering, communication, and interpersonal relationships. Super connectors tend to know almost everyone, and almost everyone knows them within an ecosystem. These people are very few in number and span multiple channel communities in a given area of specialization.


Super connectors are easy to find. Because they are ubiquitous across multiple communities, they also travel throughout the year to large trade shows, local roadshows, and other industry events. Super connectors tend to be extroverts and welcome direct or indirect introductions through others. Because of their psychological need to be in the know, they may also approach you if they see you in the community or interacting with other super connectors.


Leveraging super connectors is the most time- and cost-efficient way of entering a new market. But the adage,
“You only get one chance to make a first impression,” applies. Several potential mistakes include not understanding the super connector's background, using messaging that is meaningless to them or their contacts, or overtly selling or asking for too much time before earning it.


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What exactly is LEAP Ahead?

LEAP Ahead is BlueVolt’s annual event that offers an opportunity for trades professionals to network and discuss industry trends, challenges, and success stories. Attendees of LEAP learn new strategies about leveraging product training to market, build brand awareness, and create stronger channel partner relationships.


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