Spend some time on the BlueVolt website, and you will see the words “Sharing Center” repeated all over the place. We do that on purpose.

Nearly every channel marketing company has a way to store and distribute product training to channel partners, but it's still a one-to-one process. We take that process to the next level with the BlueVolt Sharing Center.

We’re the only company that offers a unique platform that brings the entire buying chain together.


What Exactly Is the Sharing Center?


At the highest level, the Sharing Center is our network of course offerings. It lets you see all the product training and professional development courses available within the network in one place.

To be a real “network,” you must connect people. That is precisely what the Sharing Center does.

By seeing which courses are available, your course administrator can identify potential partners in the industry. Admins can request partner’s product information and continue to strengthen a professional relationship.

If you're a manufacturer, and you have courses you want to promote, your admin can look through the network and identify the best-fitting partner candidates.

BlueVolt relationship management team members are always ready to help you build stronger partnerships through the power of the Sharing Center.


How Can Manufacturers and Distributors Use the Sharing Center?

Let’s say that Lucky Lightbulb manufacturer joins BlueVolt. They want to extend their brand reach, but they don’t have a lot of distributor partners. As their admin looks into the Sharing Center, they can begin identifying distributors that match Lucky Lightbulb’s needs. Next, they would start promoting their product training courses to these potential distributor partners.

As another example, imagine that XYZ distributor joins BlueVolt. They plan to expand their line card into some new verticals, but they need to find suitable suppliers. By examining suppliers in the Sharing Center, their admin can find partners who work in those verticals, and then they can start requesting their course materials.


Does the Sharing Center Help Buying Groups and Retailers?

Yes — the Sharing Center can help everyone throughout the buying chain.

When any customer joins BlueVolt, their dedicated course admins will curate content best suited for the company's goals. Since the product training in the Sharing Center comes directly from line card suppliers, buying groups and retailers can be certain that their training efforts will provide reps with a deeper understanding of brand messaging.

The ability to train with courses from the Sharing Center gives buying group members and retailers an advantage in the industry. They now have product information created by the people who made the products. Accessing consistent brand messaging and product knowledge levels the playing field and lets everyone compete.


The Sharing Center Provides a Trusted Source of Reference

No matter where you are in the buying chain, you need information about the products you’re selling, and you need that information to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing world.

BlueVolt’s online Sharing Center platform lets you store the information you need AND network with partners and prospects simultaneously.

For BlueVolt customers interested in getting more out of their Sharing Center experiences, contact your Customer Success Manager today and discuss how you can leverage the network to extend your reach.

If you are not part of the BlueVolt family but want to learn more about using the Sharing Center as your trusted source of reference, visit our Sharing Center Network page here or reach out to us directly by filling in the form below.


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