Reinforcement is Powerful 

Retain more information - and interrupt the "Forgetting Curve" - with Knowledge Bumps from BlueVolt. Knowledge Bumps are course modules delivered after a course is completed, to reinforce the message and help learners keep the knowledge they've just gained. 


What's the "Forgetting Curve"?

German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus studied how the brain creates and retains memories. He learned that the human brain has a predictable mechanism to free up memory. We have come to call this the “Forgetting Curve.” According to Ebbinghaus: 

    • After 20 minutes, the human brain only recalls about 60% of new information.
    • After 24 hours, 70has been forgotten.
    • Ultimately, less than 25% has been retained. 


Is There No Help?

Good news! BlueVolt's Knowledge Bump help you interrupt the forgetting curve. When you set up your course, add Knowledge Bumps at regular intervals to reinforce the important information you want your learners to retain. Space them out every few days to keep the learning active. 

Combine simple content reminders, quiz questions, and surveys to keep the lessons - and your brand - top of mind. 

Without repeated reinforcement, a learner will forget much of their newly gained knowledge within 24 hours of completing a course. But provide one or more memory-jogging references back to the course material and more of it will be retained simply by association. They are engaged to think. They retain even more.




Strengthen Your Sales Enablement

With BlueVolt in your sales enablement program, tools like Knowledge Bumps empower your team with the knowledge and confidence to be the resource that their customers count on.

Because people who know more, sell more. 


See KnowledgeBumps in action.  

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