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"Having the knowledge of something is one thing, but having the ability to apply that knowledge so it creates profitability is what separates a good distributor from one that isn't as good. BlueVolt is essential for us in doing that. Our members recognize that so their folks use it daily."

Rob Moe, President and CEO of Sphere1, describes the differentiation of a great distributor. Here's how he characterizes the power of BlueVolt to enable that.

"The suppliers who don't use BlueVolt and Sphere1 University are those that just haven't seen the forest through the trees yet."

Eleven Years and Counting

Rob Moe and Sphere1 have been partnering with BlueVolt for over 11 years. Rob's rich history and incredible depth of knowledge provide some fascinating insights in the video that follows.



What You'll Learn

  • The power of proactivity, flexibility, and knowledge to enhance performance
  • How online learning helps salespeople apply knowledge to create profitability
  • How training is essential to the success of an association like Sphere1
  • Positively impacting everyone from a driver to a counter sales person, an entry-level sales person, and even those with advanced skill sets
  • Best practices for sharing courses in a large enterprise

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"We're launching a new website at Sphere1 because we are dedicated to training through our partnership with BlueVolt"

- Rob Moe, President and CEO of Sphere1 


About Sphere1

Sphere 1 is a cooperative of tool, fastener, and concrete accessory distributors, working together to achieve competitive and sustainable advantages in their marketplace. By partnering with preferred suppliers, Sphere1 provides members with enhanced vendor programs, superior education and innovative practices. While fostering community among peers, they are committed to integrity, honesty and respect. Sphere1 is a proud long-time client of BlueVolt.



About BlueVolt

Since 2003, BlueVolt has been a pioneer in the online eLearning industry. BlueVolt consistently ranks as the top learning and marketing platform, combined with world-class customer service. The secret to BlueVolt success is its sharing network—sharing more than half a million pieces of product training from a variety of industries and manufacturers. BlueVolt supports a wide range of organizations to increase sales, build brand leadership, and enhance employee knowledge.



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