Counter sales and field sales team smiles because they receive product training through BlueVolt.Effective Sales Enablement requires knowledge and communication from all sides. It comes down to two questions:


  • Are suppliers providing product information and training?
  • Are buying groups and distributors requiring their team members to complete that training?


Get to "YES" with BlueVolt.


BlueVolt combines a channel-inclusive network of over 1 million users from 5,000 distributors with a learning management system full of direct-from-supplier product, safety, and compliance training.


When suppliers provide information about their products and value differentiators, buying groups and distributors sell those products effectively…because people sell what they know.


Similarly, buying groups and distributors that make product training part of their Sales Enablement plan provide value to their customers and grow their sales.


In fact, data gathered from BlueVolt customers showed that higher product training course completion rates led to 18% sales growth (BlueVolt Insights Report 2020).


Learn more about how BlueVolt can strengthen your Sales Enablement strategy here.




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