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The Bosch Sales Leadership team was already using BlueVolt’s robust automated reporting system to justify training and generate new leads, but they needed a custom report to stay updated on training completion rates among their sales associates. Consolidating and interpreting the needed information manually took upwards of four hours a week for their Sales Training Lead. How could they use their time more effectively, but still get the information they needed? 


Bosch reached out to their BlueVolt Customer Success Manager, who worked with the Integrations team to set up a Power BI report that automatically displayed the needed data on their admin’s university homepage. 

The Story: 

Robert Bosch Tool Corporation, a manufacturer operating out of Illinois, was formed in 2003 as a subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH, a global supplier with over a century in the business. According to Donita Brault, the Mobile Communications Product & Service Owner at Bosch, they’ve been part of the BlueVolt network since 2015. 

According to Brault, who has been with Bosch for more than two decades and was the Sales Training Lead for three years up until recently, BlueVolt’s reporting system was one of the features she felt was most helpful. 

“I love the reporting in BlueVolt,” Brault said. “I love the way that I could create my own type of reports and put those on ‘reoccurring’ to just run monthly and send to myself, so I don't have to physically remember to do it every month.” 

Bosch has an open University, meaning that anyone can come in and sign up for courses. This makes reporting on active users especially important, so the team can see who is coming in to take their training. Having this information also makes their university useful as a lead generation tool, as they can reach out to new users who sign up for their courses. 

Vince Zuber, the new Sales Training Lead at Bosch, added that BlueVolt’s reporting was also helpful in justifying the need for training with upper management. 

“As a training department, you need to reinforce the importance of training and how it moves the needle,” Zuber said. “That's getting bigger and bigger now with companies. With LMS's that I've worked with in the past, I don't think they’ve been as robust... I do love the feature where [reports] run automatically, and we didn't have that with our last one. We actually had to go back and do it every month.” 

Brault agreed, adding, “You can get phenomenal information from the dashboard right on the [BlueVolt] homepage—KPIs to show our sales leadership... exactly where we're at. That dashboard was very helpful in putting together a KPI chart to show exactly how many people we have signed up, this is how many people that have completed. It's easy to get that information.” 

While Brault and Zuber enjoyed the available automated reporting features, as well as the BlueVolt dashboard, there was a specific set of data that the training team needed to run that was custom to their team. 

“It's all about completion rates—our internal sales force has to be 100% complete on all courses that are assigned to them at any given time. Any type anytime a new sales associate comes on board, we put them in the training track that they need to be in,” Brault explained. “They have certain courses they have to complete within 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days. So, this report goes out to all sales leadership, so they're kept aware of exactly where everybody is with their completion rates.” 

At first, Brault was consolidating and interpreting the data herself, but then she reached out to her Customer Success Manager to see if there was any way BlueVolt could set up a custom report. Her CSM worked with the Integrations Team, who quickly built out a Power BI report with the information she needs that runs automatically. Now, that report lives on their university homepage, only visible to the sales leadership and easily accessible by everyone who needs the information. 

“This Power BI report is phenomenal. It's exactly what we need,” Brault said. 


Not only was the Bosch training team able to utilize the BlueVolt reporting system to justify the need for training and generate leads from outside sources, but they were able to work with BlueVolt to create a custom report that saved them four hours a week—roughly 200 hours a year. 

To start running custom reports with BlueVolt, reach out to your CSM today! To read more about keeping track of channel training performance with custom reports, check out this article on the importance of channel benchmarking. 

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