whiteboard-4876651_1920When you think about data-driven decisions, do you think about one metric point or several?

We base most business decisions on the relationship between several data points, but professionals often get hung up on symptomatic metrics. While they are essential bits of information, symptomatic metrics only answer what happened, not why it happened.

To make data-driven decisions based on more than just the symptoms, start building the whole story of your data to drive sales enablement.

What Is Your Data Story?

Like any good tale, you need a cast of characters. In data, those characters include the key metrics used to measure business success. Not every story uses the same characters, and in data, you need different metrics to answer critical questions about your business’ health.

What Elements Build up Your Data Story?

Besides a cast of characters, every story needs a beginning, a middle, and an end. These are the elements of your data story.

The beginning starts with leadership establishing what your business will accomplish during a given timeframe. With the goals in place, they cast the characters —metric data points— of the story.

As we move to the middle, we learn what trials our characters face. In data, we do this through gathering information, monitoring our success rates, and making changes to meet our goals.

Every story must have an ending, and the tale of your data ends with answering the critical question:

Did we meet our goals and expectations?

Some data stories have definitive endings; you set a goal, and you did it! Other stories may be like cliffhangers where you accomplished part of the goal but discovered new challenges. Now you have to cast new characters to see how the next installment of your data story plays out.

How Does Your Data Story Drive Enablement?

Leadership works with sales team members to outline goals about how to measure and track your progress. This is the meat and bones of your data story. By having this information readily available, you create transparency that enables team members to move forward, sell more effectively, and be able to attain long-term success.

Let BlueVolt Help Tell Your Data Story

With the embedded analytics suite, BlueVolt customers can bring their product training course metrics into the full story of their data.

We also offer integrations, allowing customers to combine product training course data with sales data. Integrated data creates in-depth data stories that highlight new opportunities. Addressing these opportunities can increase the effectiveness of your enablement strategy.

To learn more about the embedded analytics suite, reach out to your Customer Success Manager. Not yet part of the BlueVolt family? Request a call and we'll be in touch.

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