The Challenge: Hammond Power Supplies was spending a lot of time and money on training, but it still wasn't reaching their target audience. How could they cut costs while also improving their reach?

The Outcome: By using the BlueVolt platform, Hammond was able to share their courses with the distributors they wanted to reach, incentivize their training, and cut technology costs.

The Story:

Over the course of a century, Hammond Power Solutions has grown from a small family-owned business in the shortwave radio market to the industry leader in magnetic transformer design and manufacturing, and they are continuing to grow. Hammond now has multiple manufacturing facilities throughout Canada, United States, Mexico, and India, and currently has 11 regional distribution centers throughout North America.

According to Kristen Turriff, Hammond's Marketing Coordinator, Hammond had been generating courses and putting them straight on their website. The process worked, but it had several downsides: limited course reach, course distribution issues that cost significant time and effort, and the extra overhead cost of using an IT staffer to manage deploying a course to their company website.

This plan was not scalable as the company continued to grow, and Turriff knew they needed to make a change. To meet Turriff’s training goals for the company, including sharing courses with IMARK University, the leading course provider to Hammond’s distributor prospects, they would have to find a better way of creating and sharing courses.

That’s when Turriff was encouraged to look at BlueVolt.


“We cut costs. Now we pay for the $BlueBucks program only. No more administration fees."


Although Turriff and her team were initially nervous about losing control of their program, BlueVolt assured them that they would always own their training, with the added benefits of more robust tools, a better platform, and a wide-reaching sharing network.

Making the switch was easy: the BlueVolt team was quick and responsive, and Hammond was happy to maintain control over their course content. Hammond's staff was also excited to learn that they could reach out to the BlueVolt Creative Team for course design assistance if they wanted help.

Hammond already had a course library, so it was especially simple for them to put existing courses and quizzes up onto the BlueVolt platform. More importantly, BlueVolt helped meet Turriff's training goals by showing Hammond how they could extend their reach and get distributors' attention by utilizing the BlueVolt Sharing Network.

“Sharing courses with IMARK is very easy now and includes no IT overhead," Turriff said. "I simply upload the course to BlueVolt and they appear in IMARK U. I let them know it’s ready to go."

Next, Hammond was able to enhance the materials they already had on the platform. Doing so allowed Hammond to upgrade their training and offer learners additional value, including:

  • Downloadable support materials
  • A certification program for essential courses
  • $BlueBucks incentives

With these additional tools, Hammond provided learners a clear path to follow during the entire training process. Incentivizing the training further ensured higher course completion rates.

The cost reductions were another bonus. Instead of spending money on tech, Hammond shifted that cost-outlay to the $BlueBucks incentive program which offers a return: BlueVolt’s study shows that courses with $BB have a 19% higher completion rate. The money previously spent on administration now goes to incentives that drive Hammond’s target audience to complete more courses on Hammond’s product offerings.

“We cut costs. Now we pay for the $BlueBucks program only. No more administration fees,” Turriff said.

The Conclusion:

Before partnering with BlueVolt, Hammond spent a large portion of time and effort deploying their courses, not to mention the additional cost of having an IT admin split their time between their regular duties and performing backend maintenance on training course deployment duties.

Now, Hammond can spend their extra time and energy on developing more course content and nurturing their distributor partnerships. With the money they've saved, they are able to put some back into their program, using $BlueBucks to incentivize training and increase their course completion rate, ensuring that prospective distributors are knowledgeable about their products. Their course library also works on any scale, which is important as this company continues to grow.

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