Is your organization struggling with scaling your language translation abilities?

As experts who support global businesses, we know how important it is for all employees to understand your message. Now it's easier than ever to connect with your organization's global audience using the BlueVolt platform's multi-language feature.

Find out how to use this valuable tool by watching Regional Sales Director, Wendy Tolls, walk you through the process.

What You'll Learn

  • Steps for operating BlueVolt's established multi-language user interface.
  • How to switch between languages in the platform to support a culturally diverse workforce and sales channel.

Make Channel Learning Clear in Any Language

BlueVolt members can take immediate advantage of this tool and begin adapting their content today. Bridge the gap of cultural differences and connect to your global learners.

Looking to translate more than just the information already on your University pages? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager today to find out how BlueVolt can provide more in-depth translation services for your eLearning assets.


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