In an article featured in Utility Products, Mike McGann highlights how the Covid-19 pandemic shifted demands in safety protocols and operations. He explains why companies must make sound technology investments to meet their customers' constantly changing needs.

Key Takeaways about Implementing Smart Technologies:

  • Provide more reliable services to customers. The article showcases how one company used remote technology to provide service reliability during a weather crisis in 2020.
  • Plan ahead with smart tech to support your customers and prep your team. BlueVolt is ready to support distributors with training their team members on how to use or sell smart technology with courses directly from smart technology manufacturers. A BlueVolt Customer Success Manager can help you strategize about specific training needs.
  • Stay informed on the latest changes in smart tech in your industry. As these products continue to rise in popularity, it's vital that companies follow the trends and understand how these resources will meet future needs and solve operational problems.

You can visit the Utility Products website and read McGann's article, "Remote Management is Here to Stay: How to prioritize technology investments now and one utility’s story," by going here. 

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