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The completion rate for typical courses in the BlueVolt network is 73%. For courses from BlueVolt Creative Services that follow the best practices for course launch, it's 85%. But what are these best practices?


Melissa Aguilera, the Project Manager for Creative Services, described the best practices that her team follows when building a course.


1. It starts with the course itself.

A short, engaging course is much more likely to keep learners’ attention than a longer, non-interactive piece.


“eLearning best practices which we use include interactive activities, ensuring that the content is arranged in a way that makes sense for the learner, threading the learning objectives throughout the course, implementing graphic design and animation to keep the course engaging, and building out a storyboard if needed,” Aguilera said.


Another strategy Aguilera recommends is taking advantage of different module types to provide the learner with a variety of tools and resources: for example, add an assessment module to track understanding or a PDF download module with further resources.


2. Once your training is built, it’s important that other people know about it!

Generate awareness about your courses by linking to the course within your sales collateral, website, and social accounts. One of the best ways to link from your collateral is with a QR code or autoenrollment link, one of the features offered by BlueVolt.


Aguilera also recommends spacing out course launches to maintain awareness and interest.


“If you have two or three courses that are ready for launch, we advise spacing them out or going live with those courses on different dates, because it'll bring your learners to the university over time rather than just at one point,” Aguilera explained.


3. Share your training through the BlueVolt Sharing Center™ to reach key channel partners.


Over 1.2 million users learn through the BlueVolt network, with thousands of enrollments every day. 


"We advise sharing within the BlueVolt network; it's a huge benefit of our service,” Aguilera said. “And we really do advise that you take advantage of that so you can make your content available to a bigger audience that is within your space.”


4. Motivate your learners to stay on top of their training with $BlueBucks and other incentives.

Courses with $BlueBucks have a 19% higher completion rate than those that don’t!


$BlueBucks is a dollar-for-dollar rewards program that incentivizes learners to complete your courses. Unlike other rewards programs, learners can choose what to redeem their $BB for: whether it’s company swag, additional courses, or gift cards from a long list of online retailers.


5. Monitor enrollment and completions so you can adjust based on audience feedback.

Post-course surveys are a great way to not only gauge course effectiveness, but to generate leads! Check out this 15-minute webinar describing Minerallac's program to generate leads with BlueVolt courses. 


Leveraging a professional team, like the BlueVolt Creative Services Team, can also help you develop richer, more engaging content.


“The main benefit is that we work specifically within the manufacturing and distributing space, so we have experience in building content specifically for those sorts of industries,” Aguilera explained.


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