On April 28, 2021, John Leh, lead analyst and CEO of Talented Learning, interviewed Rob Moe, CEO and president of Sphere 1.

In this episode, “What Makes Successful Channel Training Programs Work?”, the conversation highlights the importance of product education between channel partners. Moe points out that his organization’s relationship with BlueVolt, their learning system vendor, has made channel partner training easier and an integral part of their business plan.

Listen to the full podcast here: 


Key Takeaways

Originally aired on the Talented Learning webpage as Episode 41, some of the most significant points include:

  • Learn how training adds significant business value for both suppliers and distributors, with Sphere 1 reporting a +15% increase in annual sales.
  • Find out how educating channel partners offers the opportunity to teach people about the product features and how to sell more effectively to end-users.
  • Discover how surprisingly cost-effective it is to incentivize channel partner learners; their increased knowledge lets them sell far more products than ever before.


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