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Today, BlueVolt is rolling out Live Chat, a new real-time support channel, to all Admins and CEU learners. This new feature will enable users to get instant help and can be accessed through the chat icon link on both Learner CEU pages and on the Admin portal page.  


Live Chat will replace our phone service – expediting BlueVolt support response and resolution times.  


Why the switch? 


We believe Live Chat will help solve customers’ problems faster and remove wait time traditionally associated with phone support.  


In our beta rollout, Support response times via chat averaged 2 minutes (versus 30 minutes over email), and resolution times decreased by 25%. With chat, simple inquiries can be quickly resolved and tracked, while providing better documentation than phone support to more robust requests.   


Will the support phone line still be available? 


The support phone line will be discontinued on Thursday, February 29, 2024.  


BlueVolt Support email accounts, and, will both remain active.  


Will this feature cost money? 


No, this feature is available as a free resource for all admins and CEU learners.  


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this new feature, please reach out to us by email!  


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