The BlueVolt Sharing Center has made exchanging eLearning assets easier than ever, and now university administrators can transform that same content into a revenue stream. As of the Winter 2020 Release, university administrators can officially sell their courses to the vast BlueVolt network of customers.


When a BlueVolt admin decides to sell a course, they’re selling enrollments to that course. There are no time restrictions on these enrollments, but only one learner per enrollment is allowed.


For example, let’s say you own an electrical distributor company, and you want to purchase the hottest new training course from your favorite publisher in the BlueVolt network. You have 30 employees you wish to complete the course, so you would need to buy 30 enrollments.


Click on the course you want to purchase and enter the quantity of enrollments you will need. The number of enrollments and the overall cost will show immediately, giving you the option to enter your credit card information before clicking Buy Now.


It’s that easy.





How Do I Sell My Courses on BlueVolt Today?


As a BlueVolt university administrator, you have the power to choose how to offer your courses at your university. Options include:

  • Get Course — Anyone can enroll and participate freely in the course.
  • Request Course — Learners must request permission to take the course from your university.
  • Buy Course — Anyone who can pay for the course enrollment can take the course.


Remember, courses marked as “Buy” cannot be given away.


Can I Sell Recorded Events As Courses on BlueVolt?

Yes, you can.


Many of our BlueVolt partners record their event presentations for later use. Making a recorded presentation into a course module gives your organization the opportunity to share thought leadership for years to come.

Thanks to our new eCommerce options, administrators can also repackage these event recordings into worthwhile courses, allowing your organization to yield additional earnings.


Next Steps for Selling Courses on BlueVolt


Administrators can go into their BlueVolt course catalog and begin marking which courses they wish to sell. You can also reach out to your Customer Success Manager for further assistance.


Interested in joining BlueVolt to sell your own channel learning courses? Click the Contact Us button to the right and find out more about your eCommerce options when you join the BlueVolt network.

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