Every quarter, a company needs its employees educated on a variety of electrical or plumbing safety standards. There is never time or budget to create these courses. Even if the company had a set of courses, they have no way to make them accessible to employees. What should they do?




SOLUTION: Get a learning management system (LMS) with premade courses. But which LMS?


There are many challenges involved in finding an LMS  that offers accessibility as well as compelling, curated courses. That said, the benefits of a powerful LMS platform can accelerate your training initiatives, keep you in compliance, and help you monitor employee development progress. 


Before choosing an LMS, every company should consider these challenges and benefits.


Challenges in Finding an LMS Loaded with Good Content 


Limited Communication with LMS Provider
Some LMS providers offer a 'what-you-see-is-what-you-get' experience. These companies don't communicate with their customers and don't look for ways to continuously improve their offerings based on customer feedback.


Multiple Training Platforms
Companies sometimes have one platform to provide product knowledge courses, another for sales initiatives, and a third for human resource compliance training. Often, these platforms don’t communicate with one another, and managers waste too much time with employee login issues.


Lack of Content Curation
LMS providers often receive kickbacks from content vendors. Some providers focus on the quantity of courses over quality. The result is courses with conflicting information that does not serve the employee learner.


 Benefits of a Powerful LMS Platform with Compelling Content


Learner-Focused Course Development
Courses developed by subject matter experts will provide up-to-date training that meets state and federal guidelines. When training is presented in shorter sessions with an engaging style, it keeps the learner’s attention throughout the course and helps them retain the information long-term. 


Keeps Everything in One Platform
Why use three platforms to train the same set of employees? By consolidating all training into one robust platform, companies can access courses consistently, minimize multi-platform disruptions, and ensure that all employees are trained appropriately. 


Industry-Specific Training
Just because every industry needs safety training doesn't mean they can all use the same safety training course. Finding an LMS provider who understands the nuances between industries often results in ready-made courses that are more relevant to employees and more likely to be used and remembered.


Access Premade Courses in the BlueVolt Course Library (BVCL)


Did you know BlueVolt offers our members access to a full library of premade, ready-to-go courses?


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The BVCL Advantage Subscription can be added to any existing BlueVolt-powered University. These on-demand courses cover such topics as safety, ergonomics, regulatory compliance, soft skills, and more. If you're already using our platform for product and sales training, adding the BVCL Advantage Subscription can put all your training into one, easy-to-use platform.


Current BlueVolt members can reach out to their Customer Success Manager (CSM) today for more details.


If you're not a current BlueVolt member but want to expand your training platform with premade courses, send us a note below today to find out how the BVCL Advantage Subscription can accelerate your team member training program.


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