A customer stops by a retail store in search of a tool. They encounter 15 options. Which should they buy?

Yours of course! But how do you help them make that decision?


Immediate, Accessible Training

A buyer is ready, wallet open, about to purchase.  You don't want them to leave empty-handed to go home and do research. The most powerful path to closing a sale is accessible training. Train the buyer here and now, right in the "tool aisle".


Microlearning with the click of a QR Code

If you had a QR Code posted by your tool, and the buyer could scan it and immediately learn about your benefits, you've just made a sale. Do that hundreds of times for hundreds of tools and pretty soon you've got ongoing revenue growth.

In this video we'll show you how to do this in a matter of seconds. Guess how you can access the video immediately?


Scan the Code!

QR Code to Training for Increasing Buyer Activity Through Immediate Learning

Check it out today and start expanding your reach all the way out to retail buyers! Don't send them home for training. Train then now on any mobile device.



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