Days Spent in Classroom Training Don’t Generate Revenue

When a contractor isn’t making money, they aren’t spending it buying needed materials from a distributor or retailer. BlueVolt's mission is to strengthen these types of business relationships. To help do so we now offer the ability to purchase courses built for our CE University and to share them in your own. 



Continuing Education on Your Terms 

CE University offers courses that help electricians and electrical contractors meet continuing education requirements for license renewals. These include national electrical codes, NFPA 70E electrical safety, industry knowledge, and professional development. With CE University learners work at their own pace, fit training into their own schedules, and free themselves for more billable hours. 

Cost-Effective and BlueVolt Managed 

These courses are approved by licensing boards in 45 jurisdictions and growing. They are moderately priced and BlueVolt handleboth completion reporting and the management of license information including license numbers and expiration dates, even across states. 

Sharing Center Makes It Possible 

Sharing Center, combined with our new Corporate Purchase Program, now lets you share continuing education courses, and our associated reporting and licenses management service, into nearly any BlueVolt University. Manufacturers and Distributors can offer these courses while BlueVolt does the rest.


Learn more about our Corporate Purchase Program for CE University courses:

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