As of March 2, 2021, BlueVolt is a proud member of ETIM North America, an international organization that creates classification communication standards for technical and industrial products. 

Not everyone uses the same terms when referring to parts and products, so incorrect orders and inconsistencies frequently happen for manufacturers and distributors. A uniform naming convention, such as the ETIM standards, eliminates confusion and brings everyone together.  

BlueVolt’s Vice President Gaven Singh said, “We pioneered Channel Learning for the electrical industry, and we see the ETIM model as the way to bring the whole community together to become digitalized.  ETIM can be incorporated into our product training modules to simplify the learning process by standardizing the product data language.” 


How Will ETIM Standards Help BlueVolt Customers? 

Creates Clarity 

By applying these standards across the BlueVolt network, which includes more than 500,000 product training courses, our customers will start training each other and become fluent in a universal product language standard.  

Reduces Disruption & Financial Losses 

When businesses don’t have a standard way of communicating, it’s easy to order the wrong item, leading to delays, reordering, lost revenue, and damaged customer relations. By ensuring that BlueVolt training courses adhere to ETIM standards, everyone in the entire channel marketing chain will learn and start using the same terminology, which dramatically decreases incorrect orders. 

Supports Customer Goals 

Channel partners depend on each other to get their products to market, so clear communication is imperative. BlueVolt’s decision to join and adhere to ETIM’s standards supports our customers as they move forward. Additionally, many of our customers are also ETIM members, which further enriches and aligns our business relationship. 


What are ETIM Standards? 

Check out this video and learn how ETIM works. 


Are You Ready to Standardize Your Training Language? 

Current BlueVolt members who are new to the ETIM standards should reach out to their Customer Success Manager with questions about using these standards to promote their business goals. 


Not a BlueVolt member yet, but curious about connecting to an expansive partner network with standardized product training languageContact us today and find out how the BlueVolt channel marketing solution and ETIM standards can upgrade your business strategy. 

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