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BlueVolt and SPARXiQ gladly announce that we have joined forces to provide distributor sales teams with innovative virtual sales skills training. BlueVolt customers can now elevate their team's sales skills even while working remotely. This strategic partnership combines the newly introduced BlueVolt Course Library with industry-leading skills training from SPARXiQ’s

BlueVolt provides an industry-leading LMS platform to a broad cross-section of manufacturing and distribution sales teams. We know that the modern buyer has different expectations of today’s sellers, and that skills training is needed to bridge the gap. SPARXiQ is pleased to collaborate with BlueVolt to bring on-demand virtual sales training – produced Hollywood style – to today’s value-adding sales forces. With today’s health, economic, and work-from-home paradigm, the shift towards impactful virtual sales training is very timely indeed.
     - David Bauders, CEO of SPARXiQ

A great course library relies on great content. That's why BlueVolt is so excited to partner with SPARXiQ to deliver their sales and negotiation training through our platform and sharing network - reaching thousands of manufacturers, distributors, retailers and contractors.
     - Gaven Singh, Vice President at BlueVolt


Together our companies will better serve distributor sales teams by providing easy-to-use virtual sales skills training from a single location. That's the competitive advantage of great content on a great platform.


About BlueVolt
Since 2003, BlueVolt has been a pioneer in the online eLearning industry. BlueVolt consistently ranks as the top learning and marketing platform, all while providing world-class customer service. The secret to BlueVolt success is its sharing network—sharing more than half a million pieces of product training from a variety of industries and manufacturers. BlueVolt supports a wide range of organizations to increase sales, build brand leadership, and enhance employee knowledge.

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SPARXiQ delivers data analytics and training solutions to help companies accelerate performance and profitability. With our help, our clients grow revenue, optimize margins, build more effective sales teams, and improve operations. Since 2016, SPARXiQ (formerly SPA/SPASIGMA) has provided innovative video sales training focused on helping sales teams improve critical skill sets.

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