Looking for professional, engaging training courses in one platform? The BlueVolt Course Library (BVCL) offers BlueVolt customers a comprehensive resource of ready-made courses.

The BVCL's on-demand training courses are developed by award-winning publishers on a variety of topics ranging from safety to professional development. Meet our newest publisher, Learning Planet, and review our existing catalog of industry experts and content developers.

Meet our Newest Skills Training Course Creators


LearningPlanet provides microlearning soft skills training. They share bite-sized content in one-minute and 10-minute videos so that training is flexible and can be managed on the learner's schedule.

BlueVolt offers the LearningPlanet "Learning Pathways" series of courses that help learners develop skills over time, providing opportunities to practice the new skills as the learning pathway is completed. These learning pathways provide a great way to structure short training segments and action plans that promote skills development and behavior changes.

The available courses cover topics like:

  • Communication skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Sales skills


Check out our Catalog of Training & Development Content Designers

Glaser & Associates, Inc. The Glasers, Drs. Peter A. Glaser and Susan R. Glaser, provide interpersonal communication and leadership development consulting services. Some of their featured courses leverage research-based skills to teach communication skills related to processing criticism, facilitating productive meetings through problem-solving models, and motivating people to take action. A few of their featured courses include:

  • Breakthrough Conflict 
  • Hardwiring Teamwork 
  • Persuasion & Influence 

Upper Diamond is known for their management and sales training multimedia courses, which are geared toward the 21st-century learner. Soon, 20 new courses will be featured, including:

  • How to Develop Your Personal Brand
  • Developing Virtual Teams
  • Unconscious Bias

SPARXiQ offers analytics, software, and training solutions that help companies accelerate their performance and profitability. Currently, they provide courses that outline best practices for nurturing value-delivering business relationships, increasing profitability through value add-in practices, and buyer engagement strategies. Some of their courses include:

  • The Relationship Quotient
  • Negotiation Quotient 
  • (Coming soon) Modern Sales Foundation

Cardconnect AIP provides courses that focus on helping merchants manage credit transactions and commerce. Some of their more popular courses include:

  • Avoiding Fraudulent Transactions
  • Best Practices for Credit Management
  • Leveraging Technology to Minimize the Effects of Credit Card Rate Increases

ElecTec Global provides learners with the technical education needed to start a successful career in the construction industry. They offer a 16-hour course (divided into 20 bite-size modules) that teaches the basics of electrical estimating. This course includes a core knowledge review of materials and labor approximations, risk assessment, overhead considerations, and scope of work profit margins. ElecTec Global is developing additional construction courses for mechanical, plumbing, and security system estimating professionals. Their current course is:

  • Electrical Estimating  

Carrie Schmitz has educated people about office ergonomics for more than a decade. Her background in market research and product design helps global organizations optimize health and performance in the workplace. Schmitz's newest courses include:

  • Industrial Ergonomics: Best Practices for Reducing Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs)
  • Office Ergonomics
  • Preventing Back Injuries

What is the BVCL Advantage?

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Current BlueVolt members can reach out to their Customer Success Manager (CSM) today for more details.

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