eLearning was the right
tool for the job


With an online university powered by BlueVolt, hand tool manufacturer Wright Tool quickly and easily educates channel sales teams about their products’ superior craftsmanship and value. Learn how they used this platform to prompt a major tool distributor to replace its former offering with Wright Tools.

The Challenge

Wright Tool manufactures high-quality wrenches, sockets sets and other hand tools. In an industry that often competes on price, they needed to go beyond traditional sales and marketing to explain the added value its pricier—yet better-made—equipment brings to the workplace. Case in point: Texas based wholesaler Big D Bolt & Tool, whose sales team balked at the price. 

How we solved it

Big D’s sales reps didn’t need to be sold, they needed to be educated. Since BlueVolt had already produced Wright Tool training courses for Sphere 1, a buyers’ association, it was a simple matter to make them available to Big D’s employees. Participation was motivated through the BlueVolt $BlueBucks incentive program. The more employees learned about Wright Tool, the more they earned points, redeemable at dozens of online retailers.

"The training courses gave my employees the same excitement about Wright products that I received when I went to the tradeshows." —Bob Coursey, Owner, Big D Bolt & Tool

What happened next

Within two months, most of the Big D sales staff had taken courses at Wright Tool University—and the conversation changed. Not only were they convinced of the brand’s superiority, but the courses fostered a new enthusiasm about Wright as well. Says owner Bob Coursey, “The training courses gave my employees the same excitement about Wright products that I received when I went to the trade shows.”

Knowledge grew market share

Training helped Wright Tool gain a deeper foothold in markets throughout the south-central United States. Coursey adds: “Because of the BlueVolt online training program, we replaced our current offering with Wright Tool products."

About Wright Tools

Ohio-based Wright Tool has crafted high-quality, American-made hand tools since 1927. The company owns numerous patents and continues to revolutionize the way ratchets, sockets and wrenches are designed and made. Wright tools can be found in shops, homes and work sites around the world.


Wright Tool used eLearning to:

  • Quickly expand its presence in a multistate market
  • Easily educate key salespeople
  • Motivate learning through $BlueBucks incentives
  • Generate excitement for its products



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