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ROI Calculator

People trained per year
Product recommendations per day per person
Percent of recommendations for your product after training %
Recommendations for suppliers' product per day
Percent of recommendations that turn into sales per day (due to training) %
Your products sold as a result of recommendations
Average cost per unit (distributors' price)
Your increased sales per day (due to training)
Your annual incremental sales
BlueVolt Learning Management System (LMS)
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First Year ROI

Travel Savings

Number of Sales Employees
Average Number of trips per year per employee
Average Duration of Trip (nights)
Average Daily Cost - Hotel & Meals
Average Daily Cost - Rental Car, Gas, Parking & Tolls
Average Daily Cost - Customer Entertainment
Total Employee "Travel Days"
Percentage Reduction in Trips by using BlueVolt %
Travel Days Saved with BlueVolt Online Training
Total Hard Cost Savings

Print Savings

Number of Distributor Branches
Number of Products in your line
Average Number of Collateral Sheets per Branch
Average Printing Cost Per Collateral Page
Number of Times Shipped Per Year
Average Cost to ship
Total Pages Printed
Total Printing Costs
Total Shipping Costs Per Year
Total Print Savings by using BlueVolt
Estimated Percentage of Brochures Wasted %
Total Printed Collateral Pages Wasted
Trees Killed Unnecessarily
Tons of CO2 Emitted into Atmosphere

Manufacturer Rep Savings

Lines Carried By Typical Manufacturers Rep
Number of Distributor Branches in Avg. Rep's Territory
Average Number of Lunch and Learns per Rep per Year
Number of Manufacturer Reps
Total Distributor Branches
Total Number of Lunch and Learns
Percentage of Training that relate to YOUR Product Line %
Total Number of your Product Trainings per Year
Percentage of YOUR Distributor Branches trained per year %
Total Sales Through Manufacturers Reps
Rep Commission Rate %
Total Commission Paid
Cost per Lunch and Learn