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Perfect for Small & Mid-Size Businesses (SMBs), this unique entry-level program puts your brand in front of distributors eager to sell your products! 



Build Your Branded Page to Share Courses and Increase Sales

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Become a Publisher and Test if BlueVolt
is the Right Fit for Your SMB


Reach Your Channel

Leverage the BlueVolt network to train hundreds of distributor sales reps from one online location. 



Keep your go-to-market sales messaging strong by uploading courses for every product launch and feature. 


Expand Your Audience

As a BlueVolt Publisher, get exclusive access to the distributors you want to partner with! 



People sell what they know, and uploading courses helps sales reps know way more about your brand.

Prepare Distributor Reps to Sell Your Product
by Becoming a BlueVolt Publisher



Build Courses

Transform Your Brand into a Message

Create a dynamic learning experience that prepares your channel to understand and sell your products. Use your company-branded catalog page to showcase and categorize freshly designed courses.

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Share Courses

Upload to Your Business-Branded Environment

Make your Publisher page an extension of your business that offers valuable product training to distributors. Upload and share courses with targeted partners in the BlueVolt network.

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Ready to start uploading your courses and connecting to the BlueVolt Network now?
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$3,200 for Registration | $1,000 per Course Upload






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SMBs — Experience the Power of the Network and Join the BlueVolt Publisher Program Today!


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