Channel Learning

The people at the front counter can’t know it all, but they can know you.

Our learning solutions are designed to turn everyone in your channel into your biggest advocate. We do that with an LMS customized for channel-oriented organizations, tailored content, a pre-­built course sharing network, strategic support from day one and a turnkey incentive program.

Organizational Learning

Grow your company from within.

Align everyone inside your company with your business goals. Attract and retain good talent with training that will build their careers. Make HR a revenue-­generating department. Keep tribal knowledge intact.

Course Development

You need learners to retain and apply what they’ve learned.

In the race for your channel partners’ attention or getting a new employee onboarded, are you doing all you can? An LMS platform is only the engine. First-rate course development is the fuel. Those are the marching orders for our team of trainers, instructional designers, writers, art directors, video producers, programmers and project managers.

  • Custom, Premium and Basic Course Development
  • Video and Animation
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Knowledge Checks
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Multilingual Translation
  • Narration Scripts And Voice-Overs
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"We experienced a 23% increase in sales during the first six months following the launch of our first IDC University Online training module"


Grow their know-how and they’ll return the favor, recommending your products over your competitors.

BlueVolt learners who would recommend online learning to others.

BlueVolt Voice of the eLearner Survey 2016

BlueVolt LMS

BlueVolt LMS


Aligning your channel partners with your go-to-market strategy is no light lift—as is building a culture of learning inside your company so that everyone is rowing in the same direction. We get that, and we’ve changed the equation in your favor. The BlueVolt LMS is not just technology; it’s a flexible solution for channel-oriented companies, especially those in skilled trades.


We’ve seen it before. You’ve got teams inside and outside of your company that need to be enrolled and trained along specific curriculums. You need a consistently branded experience in order to foster usage. Your admins want an easy LMS management experience—and your managers want detailed reports to tie learning behaviors to business outcomes.

  • Mobile-Optimized to meet the needs of an on-the-go audience.
  • Flexible, scalable curriculums that will meet your business needs today and next quarter—without reinventing the wheel each time.
  • Learning incentives that require next-to-no setup or admin time—all baked in to the user experience.
  • Course sharing that broadcasts your training instantly throughout your channel.
  • Reports that can yield insights into learning effectiveness.

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