Better Results with An Online Learning Management System

Manufacturers, distributors, associations and service companies use the BlueVolt Learning Management System to develop and deliver highly effective online training. This powerful, cloud-based online learning management software makes it easy to train employees, distributors and other partners, no matter where they're located, to help them increase knowledge and improve performance. Trainings include:

  • Product usage and pricing
  • Sales, marketing and customer service
  • Company policies and other HR information
  • Process and procedures

Studies show online education with a learning management system helps people retain more information, because they learn at their own pace and on their own schedule. In fact, elearning courses were the most popular learning technology used by 80% of employees in 2011.

Why BlueVolt?

The BlueVolt team has developed close partnerships with the manufacturing and service industries, so we understand your unique training needs. We provide the best in learning management systems software and elearning technology and infrastructure to help you and your team succeed.

BlueVolt's ecosystem (a network of manufacturers, associations, distirbutors and others) connects organizations so they can share information, deliver better training and grow their businesses. Learn more about the BlueVolt ecosystem here.