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Learners who feel they are better salespeople after completing one course. BlueVolt Voice of the eLearner Survey 2016

Power Chain


There’s a complex network of professionals outside of your organization who recommend and sell your products —and you’re competing for their attention.

So how do you earn it? Education, training, eLearning — call it what you want. Your extended sales force wants to be in the know on your new and existing products because, just like you, they have aggressive sales goals and need an edge.

Knowledge is the differentiator. Our solutions enable you to deliver that knowledge via a consistently branded experience across any device.


Set yourself apart by being known as the company that’s got the answers. Be the first on the call list because everyone on your team “just knows.”

Competition is fierce, margins are tight and the products you offer may not always be all that different from the next guy. How will you succeed? With knowledgeable employees who want to build their careers at your company and who value solid customer relationships.

Cultivate that know-­how. Our solutions make learning easy, whenever and wherever your employees want to do it. They’ll return the favor by making your customers' lives easier.


Every day, your members must fight to keep up­-to-­date with knowledge that builds their business and drives sales. You’re fighting to be the resource that keeps them sharper.

Rebates, lobbying, employee development, networking — you need to continually add value to what you offer.

Our eLearning solutions not only help you retain and engage members but also reinforces your association as an essential ingredient in creating the business outcomes your industry cares about most.

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