Navigating the back side, or the administrator’s side, of a Learning Management System can be tricky, especially for those new to an LMS. Uploading fresh content, setting up and managing users, and running reports in some systems is downright cumbersome.

But not with BlueVolt. Its Learning Management System is simple to use, with a highly-intuitive admin interface. And, the company has made it very easy for its LMS admins to learn about key features and functions of the system.  In addition to the every-other-week live webcasts that product manager Abby Miles hosts, she’s produced a couple dozen short videos that highlight LMS features and show best practices for use. The BlueVolt Rapid Tutorials are available on the company’s YouTube Page.

The BlueVolt Rapid Tutorials videos are five-minutes or less, and through a mix of narration and screen shots, demonstrate how to use parts of the system. Admins can watch these YouTube videos anytime, from anywhere, and they are also available through the LMS in the Admin Training University.

Some of the more popular topics include:

  • BlueVolt Admin Menu Overview
  • Enrolling & Un-enrolling Users
  • Shared Courses
  • Adding Courses
  • Course Emailer
  • User Roles
  • Categories
  • Completion Certificates
  • Quiz Results from Dashboard
  • Auto Enrollment Links
  • YouTube Videos in the LMS

Administering a BlueVolt-hosted university is easy, whether you’re new to using an LMS or an old hand, thanks in part to the YouTube BlueVolt Rapid Tutorials.




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