Recently, I sat down with John Sonnhalter over at Tradesmen Insights to discuss how online training gives you an edge over your competition.

Typically, there are four different ways to train distributors:

  • Observation—watching and repeating the actions of another employee with more experience
  • Conferences—one or two management level employees attend a conference, report back and train the employees who didn’t attend
  • Classroom—the classic lunch & learn with a rep
  • Self-study—Spending time on a manufacturer or supplier’s website or looking through catalogs to learn

While there is certainly value to each of these methods of training, online training helps consolidate training resources (be it from conferences, lunch and learns, or supplemental materials directly from the manufacturer), making time spent training more efficient.

People also tend to favor what they know when selling, which means if they are well trained on a product, they’re more likely to recommend it.

Online training is a fantastic way to get a leg up on your competition. You can hear more of our thoughts and the podcast in its entirety here.




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