Where's the Gap? Channel Partner Training Program SWOT Analysis worksheet

Over time an organization conducting channel partner training can find that internal stakeholder perception differs from the reality of their training program. This can lead to misalignment that widens over time, creating difficulties for the training advocate in regards to channel partner resources, programs, budget, and more. Results can be doubted or questioned, and an organization's perception of its training and training practices can diverge widely, leading to a lack of acceptance and undermining training efforts.

An effective practice of top channel partner training organizations is to periodically take a step back from running programs and assess how stakeholders perceive these efforts to ensure alignment from the top down.  This worksheet helps the training advocate probe around internal perceptions, including:

  • Identifying which departments to survey
  • Conducting an initial assessment to establish a baseline understanding
  • Facilitating a SWOT (Strengths / Weaknesses / Opportunities / Threats) interview with stakeholders
  • Consolidating findings into organizational learnings
  • Defining concrete next steps for refining your channel partner training programs

By surveying stakeholders periodically, alignment throughout the organization is ensured, and gaining buy-in for training becomes that much easier. Download the worksheet below to find where the gap is in your organization:



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