As you may already know, BlueVolt offers webcasts through its Learning Management System as a way to reach and train an unlimited audience, anywhere in the world, in real time, without having to leave your office.

One of our association customers, Affiliated Distributors (AD) has taken full advantage of webcasts, with our innovative Knowledge@Noon™ program. Through this regular series of webcasts, manufacturers are able to present products to the association’s distributor members while greatly reducing travel costs and time. And, because the webcasts are live, the training remains interactive – crucial to any training program’s success. 

Distributor members have the ability to ask questions of the product experts from the manufacturers. The webcasts are also recorded and available on AD’s University for viewing by those distributor employees who weren’t able to attend the live event. And it works! After a Knowledge@Noon webcast, AD manufacturers report a direct increase in sales.

Recently other association customers, like the Independent Distributors Cooperative (IDC-USA) and Embassy Group Ltd, have taken advantage of this interactive webcast series concept from BlueVolt in order to provide their members detailed information about the new products and promotions from their suppliers and manufacturers.

As an association, creating a webcast series is an excellent way to provide a unique value to all of your membership – you are connecting the manufacturers with their channel in a way they aren’t able to do on their own. The distributor members can learn about the products they stock and sell directly from the product managers and marketing experts at those companies. This is much less expensive for the manufacturers as they don’t have to send sales reps around the country to visit the distributors’ branches. Instead, one or two people, sitting in their offices, show and demonstrate a product’s features and function to hundreds of people at one time. And it is more efficient for the distributors as the employees can view the recorded version of the webcast when their schedule and their customer traffic allows.

With a successful series, the members come to expect these events and the difficulty in attracting an audience is reduced significantly. And if $BlueBucks (BlueVolt’s exclusive incentive and reward) are offered, it’s even easier to ensure an engaged audience.

Webcasts are the perfect venue for product launches, demonstrations and promotions. Let us know if we can help you create a series for your organization? 



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