Warming Kits for the Homeless & Needy

Written by Kim Oates on December 2012

For the fourth year now, the teams at BlueVolt and OpenSesame are making Warming Kits for the homeless and needy in the Portland area.

Working together, we purchase the socks, hats and gloves for the kits at local retailers and collect items donated from the other businesses here in the Business Accelerator building that are joining in to help. 

We purchase bolts of fleece and hand-cut scarves. Cash donations go to purchase of the meal vouchers. 

Each Warming Kit contains:

Everyone gets together for a couple hours to work the assembly lines to put the kits together 

Then the best part happens
We each take a supply and hit the streets, handing out the Warming Kits to the people living outside and in need. This is an especially rewarding experience and something I recommend everyone get involved in. You see and talk directly with the people you are helping.  

Biggest goal ever
Our goal this year is big – we want to make and distribute 500 kits. Anyone can help by donating items for the kits, joining us to assemble the kits on Friday, December 21st, and distributing the kits directly to those who need them.

Just let us know if you’d like to get involved.



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