Two Million $BlueBucks and a Vacation

Written by Kim Oates on November 2012

Where would you go on vacation if you could go anywhere? My choice would involve some running and mt. biking on the trails in the Rocky Mountains or the southwest desert. Although a little beach time in the Caribbean sounds pretty good too. One lucky BlueVolt user will get to make this choice when they win our 2 Million $BlueBucks Celebration.

Since we first began training electricians online a decade ago, until now when we create and host training for hundreds of companies, we’ve awarded $BlueBucks to learners as they complete qualified courses. In 2009, we awarded the one-millionth $BlueBuck. And now, just three years later we’re already approaching the two-million mark. That’s a lot of $BlueBucks! To celebrate we are giving away a grand prize vacation and 50 runner-up prizes.

Anyone who completes any course on the BlueVolt Learning Management System between April 11, 2012 and when we award that 2,000,000 $BlueBuck (expected early this summer) is automatically entered into our random drawing.

The grand prize could be a cruise, a trip to Vegas, a family ski vacation, beach time or wherever else the winner chooses. We’ll also make fifty users happy, when we award the runner-up prizes of 25 $BlueBucks to a winner from each US state.

Our one-millionth $BlueBuck celebration winner passed on a cruise to the Bahamas so he and his wife could spend some quiet time in a cabin in the Great Smokey Mountains instead.

Where would you go? Take any course now for your chance



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