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Training can be a revenue center

Online training doesn’t have to be just another operating expense. A learning solution like the BlueVolt LMS can generate revenue and become a profit center for your organization.


Built-in tools to monetize content 

BlueVolt comes with built-in commerce features out of the box. It's quick and painless to turn your learning solution into an engine for revenue growth.


It's easy to get started

  • Interface with several payment processing solutions like Paypal, Authorize.Net, or Bank of America.
  • Pay on-the-spot with a built-in shopping cart
  • Managers and assistants can bulk purchase for their teams
  • Generate purchase orders compatible with your accounting policies
  • Transaction reporting makes tracking straightforward and intuitive.


Transactions are certified as private

BlueVolt cares about the privacy of e-commerce transactions. We were among the first learning solutions companies to invest in becoming US-EU Privacy Shield certified back in September 2019. To learn more about our partnership with the U.S. Department of Commerce and the European Commission to insure data protection compliance when transferring personal data click here:

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