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The Power of Training Tracks

The easier you make it to find, assign, and track training the more it will be used. You can easily find a specific course by searching for it, or by looking for a particular category of course. But learning a new skill, maintaining your licenses, and preparing for career growth rarely requires only a single course. More frequently, well executed training requires curated curricula. That is where the power of BlueVolt Training Tracks comes into play. You can create focused sets of courses for scenarios like:

  • Employee onboarding
  • Re-certification
  • Job-specific skills training
  • Product family training
  • Career-pathing


One size does not fit all

Every job function, every individual, has different needs. But in many cases, even vastly different employees need some similar skills. Training tracks allow you to blend the same components in different ways to meet multiple learner needs.

Consider a distributor who must onboard both a branch manager and a delivery driver.  Both new employees need general new hire training. Both are required to take sexual harassment training and to learn company policies but each has many other, job-specific, needs. A Branch Manager may benefit from a defensive driving course but she does not need it to do her daily job. For the delivery driver, that is essential. Similarly, management skills like dispute resolution and performance management are not required of a delivery driver but are keys to great leadership.

Training Tracks are BlueVolt's way of offering both employees the common courses, while still tailoring their learning paths to meet their specific needs.

Different job functions have different learning needs. Meet everyone's needs with the online learning solution that gives you the power to combine courses and to tailor training to those job-specific requirements.

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