Mobile learning is the concept of delivering knowledge or information through mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, or other handheld devices.

Mobile phones have transformed into networking, entertainment and now education devices.

At BlueVolt, we are constantly looking to adapt our technologies and learning management systems in an effort to make learning more convenient for BlueVolt users.

Here are the top five reasons using the BlueVolt mobile learning capabilities can help improve your business’s training efforts:

  1. Keeps convenience and access easy. Mobile learning provides easy access to learning on the go, at a time and place that is convenient to learners. Mobile phones and tablets have become our constant companions; therefore learners can choose to take advantage of free time during travel, in between meetings, or on evenings or weekends to focus their energy on thoroughly comprehending the subject. This seamless integration of elearning into a learner’s daily routine (and not just at a computer) helps ensure successful retention of knowledge.
  2. Creating and delivering courses on a mobile device that is constantly attached to the learner causes them to consider this application as a reference tool. The ability to access BlueVolt courses on the mobile phone will eliminate hundreds of inconsistent and unreliable searches on engines like Google. Once the learner becomes familiar with the courses and abilities, they can easily access correct and helpful information in a matter of seconds.
  3. Courses for mobile learning are best developed in bite-sized chunks. These easily digestible bits of information give the learner the opportunity to focus on one instruction, fact or tool for a short duration of time, typically five – ten minutes. Honing in on one idea or concept will give the learner less to retain per day, but a comprehensive understanding of the lesson presented each day.
  4. Mobile learning can be contextual and informal. Therefore the training usually refers to a specific situation, or a context that employees or workers may come across while in the field. BlueVolt users are able to easily access the information specific to that context, issue or problem they may need assistance with and read the manual instructions for correct answers.
  5. In an age where employee engagement is king – mobile learning give employees another platform to be engaged in their training. Engagement at the work place consists of mostly verbal and desktop communication, but through mobile learning there are opportunities to engage on a digital and social level outside of work. Heightened engagement gives employees a sense of purpose in their field, and the confidence to contribute to multiple areas of the company.

Mobile devices are a powerful learning tool. Signs like this are almost laughable today.


BlueVolt’s Learning Management System has an HTML5 mobile interface and the Creative Services team can help customers create mobile-specific courses or convert existing content to a more mobile-appropriate version.



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