Top 10 Channel & Partner LMS

Written by Kim Oates on September 2015

Results-driven training. That’s probably the key difference between an LMS that is developed for training an internal staff and one optimized for an external channel.

I’m not saying that training your own staff isn’t about getting results. It should be, or why do it? The difference I’m talking about is that an extended enterprise has people that directly impact your sales and growth, and you don’t get to tell them what to do. They don’t necessarily work for you. They work for someone else who may be telling them what to do and what to focus on. Delivering training to an external audience requires a system that attracts and is super easy for voluntary learners to use and rewards them for their effort.

Talented Learning, a news, research and consulting organization dedicated to the advancement of extended enterprise learning technology solutions, recently released its list of the Top Ten Channel LMS Solution in the world. We are very happy to make the list.

In reviewing almost 100 LMSs, Talented Learning considered many different types of functionality that they provide, like; domain segmentation, ecommerce, social learning, globalization, broad content support, integration, analytics, mobile delivery, dynamic audience grouping and ease of use. But ultimately it came down to the important question; is it ideally suited to deliver and manage learning for external sales channels, partners, resellers, dealers or franchises? Will it drive sales?  

BlueVolt is supremely suited for a channel. Not only does our LMS have the needed features and functionality to serve an external audience, but the ecosystem we’ve developed connects all the players in the channel. BlueVolt serves companies and organizations vertically throughout a channel. Starting with the manufacturers and suppliers, through buying groups, co-ops and associations, to distributors and dealers, and all the way to the installer and end users. Then you add in the industry knowledge that the BlueVolt team has and you are set with one of the world’s top channel LMS solutions.

Thank you to the team at Talented Learning for their due diligence and for this recognition!



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