All of us at BlueVolt love to see our customers reach important milestones. That’s why we’re proud and excited to share a recent milestone of our own – BlueVolt awarded its three millionth $BlueBuck this week.

$BlueBucks is our proprietary training incentive program, and the BlueVolt learning management system is the only one available with built-in rewards capability. $BlueBucks are dollar-for-dollar rewards that provide a fun and effective incentive for online training. $BlueBucks rewards accumulate in a user’s account across all universities and are redeemable for gift certificates from hundreds of retailers, such as NikeCabela’sSears and more.

Reaching the three million mark indicates the continued upward trajectory BlueVolt’s experienced for the past two years. To-date, course enrollment is up nearly 56 percent over the same period in 2012, signifying increased learning management system users and available content. As the market continues to improve, businesses hiring more employees must find ways to quickly and efficiently train new people. Online learning, combined with an effective rewards program, is a winning combination to increase employee knowledge and improve business performance.

Has your company reached an important milestone this year thanks to your online training? If so, please share with us. We’d love to celebrate your success!



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