Did you know that just over 20% of U.S. households speak a language other than English at home?

Los Angeles alone is home to more than 220 different languages. Many of these people are employed in our service, construction and manufacturing industries. 

At BlueVolt, we recognize that the demographic and cultural characteristics of the United States have undergone significant changes and will continue to do so. In all fields of work, training is important, but; in construction, electrical, maintenance, HVAC and plumbing, training is vital to people’s safety and the proper installation and upkeep of equipment and machinery.

Teaching employees about new products, new processes, new equipment, and new regulations can be especially challenging when they speak another language. Or perhaps they speak English, but learn better when the content is in their native tongue.

With the seemingly-daily advances in technology, the world is getting smaller and businesses are operating globally. Training a multi-lingual workforce is easier when the organization’s Learning Management System accommodates multiple languages. The BlueVolt LMS supports 12 languages on both the user and the administrator’s side:

  1. German
  2. English
  3. Spanish
  4. French
  5. Italian
  6. Portuguese
  7. Russian
  8. Turkish
  9. Korean
  10. Chinese (Simplified)
  11. Chinese (Traditional)
  12. Japanese

 In addition, many courses currently offered in the LMS are available in Spanish and French. The BlueVolt Creative Services team can work with customers to translate courses to other languages as well.

What are some ways you or your organization have helped non-English speakers learn on the job?



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