A few weeks ago marked a day that’s very special to us all at BlueVolt – National Tradesmen Day.

We started our business providing training services to men and women who work in the trades. That was more than a decade ago, when online training was a relatively new concept. A lot of people don’t realize the countless hours these hard-working men and women spend in continuing education courses, making sure they remain safe on the job and up to speed on the latest tools, products and techniques that keep America running smoothly.

One of our LMS customers, Irwin Tools, created National Tradesmen Day in 2011 to recognize the men and women who work in the trades – the electricians, HVAC contractors, plumbers, construction workers and more who help remodel our office buildings, fix leaky pipes or are the ones holding the stop signs during much-needed road construction.

So for the past four years, we’ve been honored to participate in this small way to give back to America’s true working hands. Because without these skilled tradesmen and women, not only would our society not be able to function, but our business wouldn’t exist as we know it today.

And another BlueVolt customer shares that exact same sentiment. So this year, we were excited to partner with Platt Electric Supply, one of the country’s premiere electrical distributors and another Portland-based business with deep roots in the trades, to come together and say thank you to our local tradesmen (and women)

Platt generously offered up one of its branches in Southeast Portland and spread the word that BlueVolt was bringing the famous Voodoo Doughnut Truck on September 19 to say thanks to the hundreds of skilled guys and gals who stop by to pick up tools and supplies on the way to the job site.

Needless to say, the truck (and accompanying doughnuts, of course!) was a huge hit. Check out these pics to prove it! Although there were quite a few requests for “something healthy” instead of the tempting sugary treats, so we may have to grant those requests during next year’s festivities… stay tuned!




In the meantime, don’t wait until next September to say thank you to the skilled tradesmen and women you come in contact with for their effort in keeping us safe where we work and live. 



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