If you take a business course or read management articles, you’re hit with any number of important-sounding buzzwords like growth hacking, smarketing and the newly popular phrase sales enablement. Most of the time, these buzzwords lack real substance and fade quickly from the professional lexicon, but every once in a while, one of them changes the way you do business. In 2015, sales enablement became more than a simple business school phrase and began to fundamentally alter the corporate landscape.


What is sales enablement?

Sales enablement is a term at the beginning stages of its evolution, used in a variety of contexts based on industry and profession. It refers to a plethora of functions including the provision of sales assets, product training development, promoting sharing of best practices, and implementation of software. The role of sales enablement has grown from ensuring sales teams are provided with essential materials to ascertaining that they are proficient at using those assets.


How online training relates to sales enablement

We like to think of sales enablement as providing salespeople with both online training and the tools that they need maximize their ability to sell.  A learning management system is considered sales enablement software. It gives businesses a proven way to deliver necessary and important information to its salesforce – it is online and always available so that users can access the training whenever they need or want.

Online training is a way to empower your sales team with knowledge about the art of selling; helping them to navigate important considerations such as how to position the product and how to handle pushback. Additionally, your learning management system educates your sales team about the features, benefits, and applications of the products you sell. Your online training program is a tool that will transform individuals in your sales channel into increasingly better salespeople overall.


How sales enablement increases sales

A simpler way to define sales enablement involves looking at it as getting the right information into the hands of the right sellers at the right time and place—and in the right format—to move your sales forward. This makes a sales enablement strategy essential for improving your team and increasing your revenue. Here are three ways sales enablement can benefit your company.

  1. New product introduction – It’s crucial to inform your salespeople about your newest and next product or service. This ensures they are ready to sell the moment it becomes available. Knowing accurate product information, availability, and pricing kick starts your sales and improves your market share.
  2. Upselling happiness – It’s important that your sales training program updates your sales channel about upsell opportunities and educates about the customers that can benefit from additional add-on products or services. This not only increases your sales, but it also promotes long-term client happiness.
  3. Supporting sales with materials – When you sales team is up to date with materials and collateral such as ROI calculation tools, case studies, and accurate product information, customers will decide on the right solution (which is you) more quickly and confidently. Delivering these training materials via a learning management system ensures everyone has access to the correct and most current versions.

BlueVolt now has a Salesforce® App that brings your sales channel’s training data into Salesforce, the original sales enablement software.

Sales enablement software enhances the abilities of your salespeople and builds a stronger, more educated team. The results are more sales and a fatter bottom line. Contact BlueVolt to learn more about incorporating online training and sales enablement strategies into your organization. 



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