One of the biggest challenges learning & development managers face is creating, finding, selecting and sharing training content that meets their organization’s unique needs. If you’re creating courses, it’s a challenge to identify the critical content and communicate it effectively. If you’ve decided to buy courses, it is difficult to find the content you need and hard to understand the complicated purchasing models.

If you have compliance and safety training needs (like forklift operator training or bloodborne pathogens safety), it doesn’t make sense for you to create the training from scratch or interrupt the work day for group training sessions. Buying off-the-shelf elearning courses allows you to save money, time and hassle by connecting your employees to training opportunities they can accomplish on their own during downtime.

For BlueVolt customers, shopping from OpenSesame is an opportunity to browse thousands of off-the-shelf courses and use them in your University instantly through OpenSesame’s integration with BlueVolt.

OpenSesame is an ecommerce marketplace for elearning courses. Our new purchasing models enable buyers to purchase courses up front to take advantage of volume discounts or to be billed at the end of every month only for the courses they actually use.

In the OpenSesame marketplace, you can browse available topics or use our enhanced search system to narrow the course selection by course topic, intended audience, length, features or price.

Get the courses you’re looking for
OpenSesame’s catalog includes thousands of courses in the categories you need, like soft skills, compliance, industrial skills and safety training.

  • Syntrio- With interactive scenarios, Syntrio’s cost-effective and short compliance and soft skills catalog includes great courses on sexual harassment, industrial safety, management, team building and communications.
  • Convergence Training- Convergence is known all over for really realistic 3D animations that bring safety scenarios to life. With short and to-the-point courses that focus on the core information, Convergence makes safety and compliance training that won’t bore your team to tears. Try their great courses on Personal Protective Equipment, Driving Safety or Hot Work Safety to see how Convergence makes accomplishing your safety training easy.
  • ej4- ej4 uses video presentations from management, leadership and safety experts who have been in the trenches, on construction sites and leading the sales team to accomplish training goals with content your employees can relate to. These short videos relate crucial information in relatable and interesting ways.
  • E-Mersion- Looking for communication and presentation skills training? Do you have intergenerational conflict in your office? Excellent training courses from E-Mersion provide a guide to clear communication - reducing unnecessary conflict and achieving office harmony.

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