According to research data, taking your company’s training into the cloud is a proven way to help people expand their knowledge in a way that will benefit your company.

Frederick Nafukho, a professor of human resource development at Texas A&M University, says that online training is more effective at driving peoples’ performance than traditional training.

Nafukho studied how methods of instruction affect performance in six industries, including manufacturing. The results published in the International Journal of Vocational Education and Training point to the value of e-learning for workplace development. 

From any business leader’s perspective, this data gives a new way to move teams from status quo to outstanding. The idea of moving away from face-to-face trainings might cause CEOs, VPs or managers heartburn, but anyone responsible for outcomes can benefit from the professor’s insights.

I often speak to leaders in channel sales industries who suffer from less-than-effective team members. They lament that their people are inconsistent in their delivery, that they miss goals and are often inexplicably inefficient. Further, there is too much variety in how their people deploy tasks and, often, their sales team spends too much time advancing prospects through the sales cycle. Unfortunately, these same leaders are often at a loss for how to improve their people for the long-term.

If we all listen to Nafukho, the best actions for positive change are to skip the standard PowerPoint presentation in face-to-face meetings and to move to an online training system.

The next time a sales manager thinks about traveling the country via airplane – with laptop and printed curriculum in hand – perhaps he or she can benefit from a glimpse into the current state of workforce training today. E-learning has been around for a decade, but is growing in importance when it comes to improving performance and driving success. 


Photo credit: Michael 1952 on Flickr



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